The Real Solutions for the Perfect Slot machines

How often do you experience that you play on a slot machine and in the beginning you are winning, but in the end you go home with a loss?Does the slot machine ‘know’ when there is a new player on the machine?And does the slot machine first give such a new player some prizes and then pay less and less?

The answer is no.

A slot machine doesn’t think, “Let me give this player some nice prizes so he keeps playing and I can rake in all his money afterwards.”

Whether you play at Online SLOT77 casino or at an online casino makes no difference in that regard. Slot machines are programmed to pay out a certain percentage of the insertion in the long term, averaging over many millions of spins.Every spin of the reels is completely random. It doesn’t matter who is playing.

How does it work in Online casino?

The slots of Online casino do not have sensors or cameras to detect who is playing and therefore no built-in program to reward a new player, or to put someone who has won a lot off for a while.The outcome of every spin on a slot machine is determined by a random number generator (RNG). You have to imagine an RNG as a computer that continuously generates random numbers, thousands of numbers per second.

If you press the start button, you will grab the last number that came out of the RNG. Each number that the RNG generates has a certain combination on the reels.The computer in the slot machine then ensures that the reels show that specific combination. If this is a winning combination, the computer will also pay out the winnings.Because of the RNG, the outcome of each new spin is independent of what happened before.Whether you’ve just hit the jackpot or have been losing for hours, it doesn’t matter for your chances of winning.

The moment when you press the button is decisive

If you use the Online casino regular customer card (the Favorites Card), it will be registered that you are playing on a particular machine, but this system is separate from the slot machines themselves.

How does it work in online casinos?

Online it works a little differently. The online casino where you play knows of course which game you place which bet and also how much you win. Without that information, the casino could not function.But this information is not used to ‘adjust’ the slot machines.You can’t even.

Suppose you are playing Starburst , the most popular slot on the internet. This game was developed by Netent.

You click on the START button and the reels start spinning.There is now a signal from your computer via the online casino to the Netent server, say the central computer that controls all games.The Netent computer also works on the basis of an RNG, so completely random.The server then sends a signal back to your own computer (or tablet or telephone) via the online casino.This signal contains the data that determine the outcome of the spin: whether you win and if so, how much and with what combination.

The online casino sees all this happening and keeps track of whether you win or lose. But the casino itself has no influence on the data that Netent sends to your computer and can therefore not influence the outcome of the game.

This also ensures that an online casino cannot tinker with your chances of winning. A game from Netent therefore always and everywhere has the same payout percentage.

Your chances of winning remain the same

So rest assured: if you have won a lot on a slot machine (wholeheartedly!), Your chances of winning are still the same.You don’t have to move up a slot machine to a game that you actually like a little less.