Do’s and donot’s for maintaining a good ‘poker face’

One of the most popular casino games is poker. Thecard game has a long history, which has seen it come from the saloon bars of the Wild West in America to land-based casinos globally and, more recently, online casinos worldwide. An exciting game full of skill, nerve, and strategy, it also has many different variations to attract players.


If you usually bet on sports via an NJ sports betting app, then playing poker at an online casino site can be a pleasant change. That is especially true if you choose to play live casino poker online. One of the crucial things to understand before enjoying this live version of internet poker, though, is your ‘poker face.’A good poker face will help you to win more hands as other players, and the dealer cannot guess from your facial expression how good the cards are that you are holding.


But how do you achieve a good ‘poker face’?


Keep a relaxed body language


A great tip to know is that maintaining a good ‘poker face’ is not all about what happens in your face. You should also pay close attention to your body language when involved in a live poker game. Try to keep your body in a relaxed posture, one that looks natural. If you begin to tense up or adopt an unnatural posture in play, the other playerswill start to notice.


Do pay attention to your facial expressions


Of course, the best online poker strategy tips in this area must mention your facial expressions. How your jaw, lips, and mouth look to other players is crucial in having a decent ‘poker face’ to bluff them. As with your body language, try to keep a natural expression that is neither overly happy nortoo serious. This will make you hard to read by the other players.


Don’t let your eyes give you away


Your eyes also play a vital part in helping you get the best’poker face.’ To begin with, try to look straight ahead when not checking out your cards. Rapid blinking or looking from side to side can all be tells that experienced players or dealers will spot. It is also a good idea to remember to blink! Many people try to stare continuously to project confidence, but that can look unnatural.


Don’toveract to your cards or what happens


Although it can be hard, make sure that you do not let your ‘poker face’ slip depending on what happens in the game or what cards you are dealt. The key thing here to remember is this is the same whether something good or bad happens! To maintain an air of mystery and do not let any feelings show.


Keep everyone guessing – like a pro


If you choose to play live poker at an online casino, your ‘poker face’ is super important. It will help you to keep other people from guessing how good your hand is and help you to win more hands overall.